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My name is Dante Valentine. Well not really, sort of. Dante is my given middle name. My mother was an avid reader and classic literature fan. One of her favorites was The Divine Comedy. For those ignorant masses that would be the full epic poem that Dante’s Inferno came from. When I was a kid I started going by Dante because it was much cooler than the first name my father picked.

Later I discovered the Dante Valentine book series by Lilith Saintcrowe’s. I don’t remember most of the details now but the character is a total badass chick. It’s a supernatural fantasy book and she works as a necromancer and bounty hunter. I know totally geeky but I don’t care. I liked the books and I thought the name had a real ring to it. So I decided to start going by it, and yes I eventually changed my name legally. I know it seems crazy, and it’s not like I needed to change my name but sometimes things just feel right. The name felt right. It felt like me.