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I don’t really have much family. Growing up it was pretty much just me, my parents and older brother. My mother was an only child and her parents died when I was pretty young. I vaguely remember visiting them on holidays and special occasions.  My father was the youngest of five kids, the only boy. But they all scattered across the country. We were able to visit each other occasionally. Me and a few cousins tried to keep in touch but as we grew up we mostly lost touch with each other.

When I lost my mother as a teenager and it all kind of fell apart. My brother moved to Florida leaving me with my father. I never saw him and was basically on my own from then on. While I was away at school he had met and married a new woman and decided to move to California. I stayed with him for the summer than moved out on my own. I still speak to my brother but we were never that close and it’s usually months between calls. I haven’t spoken to my father since he moved and I’ve basically cut all ties with him and his part of the family.