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I’m single and I like it that way. Don’t get me wrong I can see the appeal. It’s great to always have somebody to be with but then it starts to feel like you always have to be with somebody. Or at least I guess so. I guess my problem is I like being alone. There are few people I can spend a lot of time with. Even then I eventually need a break. I tried having boyfriends as a kid but they were never real relationships. Had like a boyfriend that I actually cared about but that was high school and only lasted a couple months. I usually tend to have guys that I call my boy toys. Unfortunately, there are there’s always that one, or two, that fall in love and make it awkward. So lately I haven’t really been bothering with guys. Honestly, I really am happy alone. I’ll admit, it’s not so much fun going without sex. Then again it’s not always worth it. Guess I’ll just wait to see how long it’ll last or find some new boy toys.