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I’ve been through a million jobs, and I usually have more than one at a time. After I left school I pretty much took any crap job I could find. I worked with temp agencies to get office work. I was a waitress for a while. I worked in a couple retail stores. I worked in clubs doing coat check and collecting cash at the door. I’ve done some bartending. I’ve even handed out flyers. I tried some regular 9-5 jobs at one point but I realized it wasn’t for me. Dealing with going to the same place, at the same time, and seeing the same people all day every day, just made me want to kill somebody.

Eventually I started taking on some graphic design gigs. I had learned Photoshop in high school. I was pretty good at it and enjoyed it so I decided to try and make it freelancing. I thought it was pointless to get a degree so I just took some classes to learn the rest of Adobe and some web coding. I’ve started getting to do pretty well with it. I still pick up random gigs every now and when I need extra cash. Plus it’s kind of fun.