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Like I said before I’m usually most happy when I’m alone. But I’m no hermit, I like to go out, I can be sociable and have even been known to have a friend or two. Though not many have lasted very long. I’ve always found it hard to connect with other people. And the times that I did, the people turned out to be pretty shitty friends. Eventually, I just stopped bothering to try. In most cases I’m pretty much a dick to most people. Though I’ve found some people that have stuck around and been persistent, I’m not even sure why.

I’ve think the easiest way to deal with people is just by never really being serious. Plus it’s pretty entertaining to fuck with people. My favorite is to say really shitty things like I’m joking. It kills me how many people just go along with it laughing. Most times I really mean it, and like wise I can sound very sincere being sarcastic. More people catch on to that and it tends to piss them off. I’m real good at pissing people off in a number of ways. I’ve also become very good at placating people since I’ve worked a lot of service industry jobs. While I don’t like dealing with people if it effects my money I can sure pretend.