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I told you earlier about a couple of my tattoos. I recently started getting tattoos and became addicted. Most of my tattoos didn’t mean much when I first got them. I mean the first few were small, cheap I got as a  Friday the thirteenth deal. I just picked whatever I thought might look good. But as time passed they started taking on meaning through the memories they bring to mind. Now each one seems to have a little tale attached.

Like the Friday the 13th spider. Me and Jeff had just started hanging out again. One of the shops was near his apartment, he suggested we make a night of it going out drinking afterward. After the tattoos we headed to a club in the city. Ditching it early for a crazy night passing through random parties and bars with different people we met. When we found ourselves at a shady hotel after party we decided to head back to Jeff’s. We continued the party into the next morning with some friends and a boy toy I picked up along the way. I ended up crashing there the whole weekend. It was the first of many times that would follow and eventually lead to just moving in.