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You wont find me admitting to doing dumb things very often. Not that it doesn’t happen I just don’t talk about it. Basically I try to forget, figuring it doesn’t count if I can’t remember it. I can always deny it ever happened. But sometimes there are things I just can’t help but talk about even if I have to admit my own stupidity.

Like the time I got arrested. I was out one night with friends drinking and some girl I didn’t like was in the bar. She started trying to talk to my friends and without thinking I just started a fight. Her face just looked like it needed to be hit. It’s mostly a blur but we ended up outside with me on top of her. I felt somebody pulling me from behind, turning to swing I realized it’s a cop. I tried to plead my case but they weren’t buying it. I was pushed roughly to my knees and handcuffed.

It was early morning when I was taken to the local precinct and I spent most of the day alone. Finally late in the day I was shipped off to central booking where I had my picture taken and was led through a series of locked corridors ending up in a filled cell in a corner. Looking comfortable and used to being in there several women were scattered on what seemed like one large mattress laid on the floor. Others sat calmly on the benches lining the cell walls. While some slept others chatted nonchalantly.

“What are you here for?” One woman asks everybody.

A young girl responds, “trespassing.”

“Harassment”, yet another. She continues telling the story of how she went to see an ex-boyfriend. Instead of inviting her in he called the cops.┬áThere were a couple more girls there for trespassing or other minor violations. Most claiming the charges were bullshit. I tell them I was arrested in the middle of beating some bitches ass. Soon after two more girls, wearing short skirts and high heels, enter the cell. “Must be here for solicitation.” One girls says and the small group around me laughs quietly.

Late in the day when I arrived, I had to wait until morning to see the judge. I spent the night sitting awake, contemplating the mess I’d gotten myself into. By morning I was exhausted, hungry and thought I smelled like I had slept on the streets for a month. Needless to say the experience taught me a lesson. Never beat down bitches in the bar, it’s an easy way to end up in jail.