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So the title of this is somewhat deceiving. Most might assume that I was one of the poor souls that suffered bullying and such. But I was lucky enough to be spared that fate. Actually I’m guessing that most people were simply too afraid to fuck with me. I’ve been told I’m pretty intimidating and I had a tendency to flip out at the slightest sign that somebody was fucking with me.

Simply the whole experience of having to spend all day in classes was torture enough. I didn’t like any of the other students, they all seemed pretty dumb and immature. The teachers weren’t much better either. The only reason I didn’t drop out was because I knew it would disappoint my mother. Even after she died I always remembered how proud she was that I did well in school. Although to me that wasn’t such a great accomplishment, the classes were easy as hell for me. But I didn’t think dropping out was an option. But not showing up a lot sure was.

When I did show up, I actually hung out with a group of girls that I guess would be considered mean girls. They were petty, jealous and put down the so-called losers. They also had no problem punching somebody in the face just for looking at them wrong. I knew they were shitty people and I never considered them real friends but it was high school and I didn’t want to seem like some weird loner with no friends. In some weird way I think I managed to actually be a part of the cool crowd in the school. But eventually it got real old and I started to distance myself from them. By the time we graduated I had stopped speaking to them all together and haven’t since. I’ve even ignored their friend request on Facebook, lol.