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When I was young I was pretty boy crazy, even at a young age I was always crushing on a new guy. I still remember having a kindergarten crush. I had my first kiss in the fourth grade. The boy’s name was Noel. I had adored him from afar since I started in the school the year before. We sat near each other in class but had barely ever talked. I still imagined that he was secretly in love with me. So when I found out my family would be moving away soon I was devastated that we would never have a chance. I decided that I couldn’t leave without at least getting a kiss. So on my last day of school I walked up to him and told him. He seemed confused that I was telling him, not surprising since we weren’t actually friends. But I guess to be nice he told me that was too bad. I agreed and asked for a goodbye hug. Before he could answer I wrapped my arms around him. For minute he stood stiff then started to pull away. Not caring because I knew I’d never see him again, I planted a big wet kiss right on his lips, then simply ran off. Not very smooth but I was happy.