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As the only girl and the younger of two siblings in my family people sometimes assume I am or at least was daddy’s little princess. But to be honest I’m not sure my father even liked me. We never really seemed to have a real relationship. He worked long hours and I didn’t see him often. Time spent with the family was very rare. Although he always made an effort with my brother. He would take him along when he went fishing with his buddies, or other manly things. If the family went to the park, he’d play catch with my brother as my mother chased me around the playground.

As I got older it seemed to get worse. I swear there were days when he didn’t say more than two words to me. Meanwhile, me and my mother could talk all day nonstop. When she died I wished it had been him. I was a teenager and felt totally lost. How could I have to live with this man that felt so distant from me. I didn’t really hate him, simply was indifferent. He was now supposed to take care of me. It seemed like he didn’t even know me. He could have taken the opportunity to bond with me. Instead he went on like nothing changed. Well that except now he had not reason to come home at all. My mother was gone, brother had moved away, and that left just me. The daughter he didn’t know how to speak to. After work he’d go out with his friends, sometimes staying out for several days. I simply continued on going to school, getting my own job and hanging out for days with my own friends.

The last two years of high school was pretty much a blur. I went away to college just not to have to live with him anymore. But it wasn’t what I thought it would be. So I returned home, and with nowhere else to go I was back with him. But it didn’t last long, he had found himself a new family. A wife, with a child, a little boy. They were quite the happy family and decided to move away. He told me they were leaving for the other side of the country. It was the longest conversation we ever had.