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While I’ve decided to start working as a freelance designer the work has been few and far between. And I haven’t really had any actual jobs in the field. I do lots of odd jobs and get by with the help of those one or two more fortunate friends. Jumping from job to job, home to home and party to party. (Oh did I mention between struggling to survive I try to enjoy my life.) Some people have told me I’m wasting my life. Even possibly all my talent. I’ve never thought of it that way.

See most of those people work full time jobs they hate to save for a house they’ll eventually hate after all the repairs, taxes, horrible neighbors and whatever other problems come with owning a house. They marry people they eventually hate. Have kids that don’t appreciate anything they do who will eventually hate them in return. They work long hours, maybe even weekends. Go to bed early, deny themselves nights out, fattening foods, alcohol, drugs and anything else enjoyable. And that is what I see as a wasted life. A lot of times they don’t even know why they do it. They say so they can afford the better things in life but how can they ever enjoy it.

I may not own a house, ever get married or any of those other things. But I always enjoy my life. Now matter what I can or can’t afford. I do what makes me happy at the moment. Okay so there are times I have to buckle down and do some real work, even things I might hate. But life can’t always be a party. But it really shouldn’t always be a bore either.

No people can’t understand how I can always put off thinking about how I’m going to eat tomorrow. Or if in a week I’ll have to find a new place. But does that really matter. How can I even try to enjoy a single moment worrying about tomorrow. I’ll think about it then. I do what I need to do when I need to do it. But the rest of the time I do what I want. I enjoy my life, I don’t waste a minute.

Wasting my life would be trying to fit into what other people think it should be. Conforming to all the social conventions. Denying myself all my true desires.