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Hey there Readers, Lex here the writer who’s brain Dante occupies. So far I’ve posted as Dante. I really wanted a feel for her perspective. I’ve managed mostly to post weekly. Many pieces come out of workshop prompts. Haven’t had such luck recently. But I did end up with this poem I wrote with Dante in mind. The prompt was based on a poem describing a person in short phrases. So hear are some of my thoughts about Dante.
Orphaned through death and abandonment
Lover to many, committed to none
Bullshit talker to everyone
Takes shit from no one
Odd job worker extraordinaire
Struggling artist by default
Perfecter of pissing people off
Mocker of social convention
Forced life of the party
Secretly an avid loner
User of recreational drugs
Abuser of moral codes
Slacker with incredible drive
Dreamer with practical plans
Nomadic with few ties

I’ve also gotten the start of some more detailed stories from Dante. But they still need some work, I’ll try to get to them soon.