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corner web

Corner web design

After getting the bullshit little spider tattoo for Friday the 13th, I thought I needed to jazz it up some. At the time I was really close with this girl Tiffany. We hung out a lot and one night she suggested the obvious web tattoo. I wasn’t so sure because I thought it was too common and I had heard it had some meaning associated that had to do with going to jail. She convinced me that nobody cared about things like that anyway. The discussion went on and on for months. She was totally convinced that she could find something I would like. I can’t even fathom how many different pictures of webs and spider web tattoos we looked through. Eventually one day she just asked if she could play around with a magic marker to see if she could just draw what she thought would be good.

She ended up doing sort of a corner web thing. It’s kind of simple but also the way she did the lines made it kind of elegant. They were very thin and intricate. What she did was put the corner by my arm pit and then it spreads out over my shoulder with the end points just a couple of inches away from the previous spider tattoo. We took a picture and I had it done soon after.

We ended up at one point trying to live together. I was looking for a place and she needed a roommate. I quickly learned why she couldn’t keep roommates. She was incredible annoying. She would never leave me alone. There wasn’t a moment I was home that she wasn’t up my ass. Eventually we had some huge fight over what I can’t remember and I went back to staying with Jeff. Sometimes I look at the tattoo and miss having her as a friend but it’s also a reminder that some friends you just can’t live with.