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So for some reason I seem to attract crazy people. Not just people that are wild and do crazy things. I mean literally people with real mental issues. In high school I was friends with, Crystal, who thought it was really cool to tell everybody she was bipolar. She’d flipped out and be like “Oh well I’m crazy so I can’t help it.” I don’t know if she really couldn’t but it seemed like an excuse. I quickly tired of her and moved on. But not before she tried to diagnose me as bipolar too. She claimed I had random mood swings and that was a major sign. Then there was the the boytoy James. He suffered from depression, he’d been on medication since he was young. He was also a heavy drinker. Which probably wasn’t a good combo for him but we had some good times together. Even got kind of close, sort of, close enough for him to tell me about his problems. He told me about being hospitalized after attempting suicide as a teenager. He still struggled with it, but took his medication and went to support groups.

Eventually one day when I was going through a bunch of bullshit I started getting down and shit. I remembered him telling about the support group. He said going helped a lot because he always came out feeling better. I figured being a little depressed at the moment why not check them out just to see out of curiosity. When I got there I found there were different groups, one was just for depression and another for bipolar. Remembering Crystal I went for the bipolar group. I didn’t talk much just said I was there because I was going through a tough time. Mostly I just listened to the other people and I have to say it definitely put me in a better mood. I know it’s cruel to take joy in others pain, but they really were a sad group. A few were very visibly shaking, a side effect of certain medications. Almost everyone talked about being hospitalized, multiple times, and some can’t even work. Hearing about all their problems made everything I was going through seem like nothing. I walked out of there in one of the best moods ever.