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The first time I ever had a drink was when I was about ten. I snuck behind my mother and stole a sip of her drink. I know a lot of kids say they hated it the first time, but I didn’t think it was so bad. Though I guess it depends on what you drink. For my mother it was always Jack and Coke. I thought it was good enough to try again, unfortunately I got caught and my mother started watching her drinks much better.

The first time I got drunk was about fourteen. It was around when I first started hanging out with Jeff. A bunch of kids used to hang out underneath the Brooklyn Bridge to hang out and drink. Usually they just got fourties from the one store that would sell to them. But that night Jeff had stolen a bottle of Johnny Walker from his parents and we drank until we got sick. I’m pretty sure we all said we’d never drink again. But as with most people we were back at within a couple of weeks.