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I guess you could say Jeff is my best friend. (God I hate that term it sounds so childish, besides the fact that like most people he’s not really the best of friends. But whatever) He’s also my roommate at the moment. Originally I just used to crash at his place then it turned into a pretty permanent situation. He’s a tall, very pale white boy. He has black hair and brown eyes. Other people have said he’s got a Johnny Deppish appearance but I don’t see it, except maybe for his shaggy hair that tends to always be in his face.

He’s pretty much your stereotypical spoiled rich kid. Lives off his parents money and spends most of his time partying and chasing pussy. I’m probably the only girl he knows that he hasn’t fucked. But that’s just because I like teasing him, I expect that’s more enjoyable than sex with him would be. I haven’t heard many good reviews. Me and Jeff went to high school together and knew a lot of the same people. We hung out together sometimes but it wasn’t until after getting the Friday the 13th tattoos that we really became friends. He’s an IT guy for some nonprofit company. He claims they don’t pay him enough which is why he still takes money from his family and lives rent free in one of the buildings they own. I think he feels like working for a cause makes up for his being a rich brat.