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So the only other person in my life at the moment that I consider a friend is Theresa. She short and petite. Being mixed half black and white she has a slightly tan complexion with blond hair and blue eyes. She’s that kind of nice person that’s so nice it’s actually annoying. She grew up kind of sheltered, with pretty strict parents. She had to go to a Catholic school but she actually really liked it. She still goes to church often and volunteers and stuff. I joke a lot with her calling her Mother Theresa or my conscience. We met working together at a temp job I had a couple of years ago. She had just turned 18, it was her first job and she was always asking me questions or for advice. Somehow it led to us hanging out a couple of times and I guess I just couldn’t shake her. To be honest I’m not even sure why she’s my friend. She says that she wont give up on me and that someday her example will lead to me becoming a better person. I suspect that she enjoys being around somebody that’s kind of a badass, so she can kind of live vicariously through me.