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So it probably seems weird but for a long time I fantasized and planned out a dream wedding. When I was a kid I always imagined a fairy tale life of getting married, having kids and creating my own family. Older I realized that was all a load of shit but it still never quite did away with wanting to get married. It’s obviously not happening anytime soon but I haven’t written it off as a possibility. I would definitely have to find the right person. The desperate needy guys I always meet just will never do. To be honest I would probably need somebody quite a bit like me, at least in the wanting to be alone aspect. There’s nothing that says that two people have to be together all the time just because they’re married.

Besides at least being married I wouldn’t have to worry about picking up guys. So yeah I know it’s easy and fun now but will when I’m in my fifties. I could marry a workaholic. That way I wouldn’t have to see him much and he’d be able to take care of me. Plus get me an awesome ring.  We’d also have to arrange like weekend passes every now and then. I’m not sure I could ever give up a little strange every once in a while. Yeah if I found just the right person I would get married. It might not last but I’d like to try it out.