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As a kid I never got to have many birthday parties. Moving around a lot as a kid it’s not like I had any friends to invite anyway. My parents tried at first having parties at home managing to scrape together a few kids between family and friends. But most were pretty lame or even sad when half the guest lists didn’t show up. I got tired of being disappointed so I actually asked them to stop having parties.

When I got old enough, I tried making plans to go out and celebrate with friends but most of the time nothing really went as planned. By the end of high school I gave up planning anything special. I pretty much stopped celebrating my birthday until my twenties. To be honest I had never really understood why people made such a big deal about birthdays. Eventually I started just going out by myself, sometimes meeting friends along the way. For the most part it usually just feels like any other night out, except I might get more free drinks.