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One of the many short lived jobs I’ve had was at a Brooklyn library. I’m pretty sure nobody nearby actually read books because it was always empty. Except for the few random preschool class trips. It couldn’t have been more than a month I worked there but it was almost the most boring month of my life. Since nobody ever came in there was rarely any work to do. Instead usually a small staff of two of three people sat around staring at each other.

But on the bright side on of my coworkers was damn hot so I didn’t mind when we worked together. He was a few years younger than me about 18 while I was in my early 20’s but it was during the period I liked them young. I figured it would be a fun challenge to see how long it would take to hook up with him. The first week or so I subtly flirted but being a boy he didn’t even realize. I started coming on stronger and he finally got the picture, flirting back. That went on for a couple of days until I finally lost patience. One day it was just the two of us working.

“Hey Josh, I want to show you something.”

He was reading an old mystery comic, without looking up he asked, “What?”

I pulled it out of his hand “If I want to show you something you have to stop reading. Now come on.” I led him to a dark corner of the library. We couldn’t be seen but we could still hear if anybody else came in, although it was unlikely.

“So what are you showing me? There’s nothing back here.”

“That’s the point.” I smiled and leaned against him. If felt like forever until his confused expression was replace with a cheesy grin.

We were able to sneak back there to fool around again the next couple of weeks. Then one day our boss made a surprise visit on her day off. Unfortunately we didn’t hear her coming. She found us half naked and in the middle of fucking. She looked horrified and screamed,  “Your both fired.” Then ran off.