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One night I was sitting on the train, it was pretty well packed. Sitting across from me was a dope fiend that kept nodding off. She was digging through a bag on the floor in front of her but after a minute would start leaning forward until the train jerked her awake. This went on for quite a while and some people stared but mostly everybody ignored her. A group of young girls sitting near me spent most of the ride making jokes about her. One the most preppy looking one among them had been the most persistent. Even when her friends tried moving on she kept giggling every time the train jerked her around. Then she’d poke at her friends pointing out how close she had gotten to the floor that time.

Finally she was getting off the train. As she walked past me, I happened to have my foot stretched out. I wouldn’t say I tripped her on purpose but I didn’t move it out of her way. When she hit the floor I laughed loudly.

She looked up at me with a mixture of anger and embarrassment.  “Wow rude much.”

I laughed harder. “Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t realize only you could laugh at other people.

She froze for a second as the doors open on the station. She quickly scurried off the train. I looked at the friends she left behind. They all looked away, talking to each other pretending nothing had happened.