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I’ve always found some of the things guys think will impress girls pretty funny. Just one example was this guy I met Thomas. I had stopped into a bar on Montague street after work. I was very happy sitting there alone enjoying a Jack and Coke. Then he came over. He was kind of cute so I talked to him for a while and let him buy me several drinks. Finally, he asked me if I wanted to go back to his place. He complained the drinks cost too much, plus he wanted to show me something. I figured why the hell not, his place was only a couple of blocks away.
We went to his building stopping for beers on the way. He had said he lived on the third floor but he continued past his floor as we climbed the stairs.
I got a little suspicious. Never know the guy could be a crazy killer, though it seemed unlikely. “Umm didn’t you say you live on the third floor.”
“Yeah, but we’re not going there. Not yet. Trust me this will be much better.”
I had my doubts but I followed him anyway. He took me up to the top floor and went out a door that opened led to the roof of the building.
“Isn’t this just amazing.”
I looked around and mostly we were surrounded by larger buildings. There wasn’t much of a view of anything except other people’s apartments. “Yea, I guess. Can I get a beer?”
Once we finished the six pack he said his roommate might have left some cheap whiskey around the apartment. I gave him some excuse about having to be into work in the morning and left.