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Before my mother died we always spent holidays just the four of us. The few years before I went away to college my father forced me to spend the day with him and his sisters family. They always spent it in a resort in the Poconos. I don’t know why he wanted to go. The food was horrible and none of us got along very well. We stayed the weekend and it always ended in some huge fight.

My father wanted me to go again my first year of college, I lied him I had no way of coming down, I was going to spend it with friends in the dorms. I came home and spent the weekend by myself. Since then I’ve always spent the night alone. Sometimes I could cook for myself, I’d make it with chorizo, corn and peas. I’m way too lazy to do everything else too. Besides it’s only me, I’m not a cooking full Thanksgiving meal for one person, that’s be crazy.

The past couple of years I’ve hit up the bars with Jeff after he gets back from dinner with his family. He always needs a drink or five after that. I always tell him he should just skip it. But the one time he tried to tell his parents he wasn’t coming they got upset and threatened to stop giving him money. So the pussy goes every year and cuts out as early as possible.