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Some people think because me and my brother don’t speak often we have a bad relationship. But I think we get along fine, we just aren’t that close. He’s got his life with his family and I have mine. We talk on holidays and his two daughters know me, I talk to them on holidays, birthdays, and random time throughout the year.

We’ve never really been that close. Between the gender gap and the age difference we were never into the same things and had no reason to really hang out together. When we had to spend time together was with the family as a whole. A lot like my father he didn’t really know how to relate to me, except that he at least tried.

There was the times he tried to do the whole older protective brother thing but it didn’t work out too well. A great example is when I entered high school, right away a couple of senior guys started hitting on me and one in particular I started messing around with and Joseph found out. So one day after school he confronts the kid with a bunch of his friends and started threatening him. They were in front of the school and they were trying to get him to go somewhere else to talk. But I saw what was going on and was not having it.

I ran over and tore right into Joseph. “What do you think you’re tough with all your buddies with you. You’re acting like a big pussy. What a big man you are.”

“He’s trying to take advantage of you. I’m just looking out for you. You know like a big brother should. You know he doesn’t even want other people knowing about your two.”

“Actually I was the one that suggested that. I didn’t want everybody knowing my business. But there goes that thanks to you.”

All this went on in front of half the school. We cursed at each other a little more and he ended up dropping it, but after that he never really interfered with me and the guys I was with.