While I wasn’t much for school activities and that crap, I did go to my senior prom. I’m not even sure why I went. I never really liked anybody at school, even my so called friends. I barely even talked to them anymore. I guess I thought I’d feel like I missed out.  My “date” was Ricardo, we hung out with the same people at school. We agreed to go as friends, which mean we didn’t have to actually stay together all night. I found out later he had a different plan. He though if he stayed by my side all night, I’d change my mind. He followed me around the whole night, even after I told him to leave me alone. He told me he loved me. I could of punched him. “What? Get the fuck out of here” He laughed. “No really, leave the fuck alone.” He refused to believe I wanted him to go away. I had to run and hide from him, but he always found me. I’d be dancing, turn around and he was standing a couple of feet way.

Most of the kids I hung out with had already planned on going out after. There were a couple clubs having teen nights. I wasn’t sure if I’d go with them before, but he sealed the deal. I got in a cab and headed to my friend Lauren’s house. She lived in Brooklyn Heights, we met a year or so earlier hanging out under the bridge. We eventually started hanging out all the time. She never really went out, if she didn’t she didn’t leave her neighborhood. I could easily find her. That night she was at home, she thought I might show up after the prom. As soon as I got there we took off to meet some older friends in the neighborhood so I could turn my night around. An hour later I was drunk and making jokes about my horrible prom.