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So of all the things that bother me about other people, the worst are those that just aren’t considerate of others. I wonder if they just were never taught these things, are too stupid to understand it, or simply don’t care. I could name a million of the little things that people do on a daily basis, but the worst offenders are always my neighbors. For one it seems like no matter where I stay it sounds like a heard of elephants live upstairs. Apparently, they don’t seem to realize they are walking above somebody else’s head and stomp around.

The worst neighbors were actually when I lived in a house with my father. The whole block was private houses, most with driveways. But on one side of my house the owner rented out to several tenants and nobody used the driveway, for cars at least. Instead one of the tenants decided that it would be a great place to hang out all the time. It was a young guy that always had different people over, and at times they would spend all night hanging out and being loud literally underneath one of my windows. He also had several girls that would come over with their kids and would let them run wild making actually slightly less noise than the adults. But it all still annoyed me. If that wasn’t bad enough though they would always barbecue there. He even had the even to set up the barbecue right up against my house. Because it’s totally logical to put an open flame directly next to somebody else’s house, right under a window. So even if he the house didn’t burn down, it filled with smoke. I told my father he should say something but he said it wasn’t that serious, he was never home anyway so it didn’t bother him. So it was left for me to deal with. I asked the guy very nicely the first time if he could move it, and he did with no problem. But the next time it was right back in the same place. Again I tried to stay calm but I didn’t ask I told him flat out he had to move it. This happened over and over again. I didn’t understand and still don’t, did he think on different days it would be okay.

Finally I got tired of telling him, plus he started having an attitude. I sensed he didn’t like that I was really just a kid telling him what to do. So one day they set the barbecue but I didn’t say a word. Instead I went into the kitchen and found the biggest pot I had and filled it with water. Right after they put all the food on the grill I dumped the water on it from the window. That was the last time I ever them barbecue at all.