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My mother was a big reader, it’s pretty much where I got my love of reading. But she was always into very literary and academic writers. I tended to go for the easy reads, mostly commercial fiction. I couldn’t concentrate when writers used too much flowery language, and the classics bored me to death. I like simple stories with lots of action or suspense, the kind of thing that keeps you reading because you just have to know what happens next. The simpler the writing the better, I think. She tried to get me to read harder books but I just couldn’t get into them. If I started to get lost or couldn’t get into the story I just put it down and never picked it back up. But her, she would struggle through the most difficult things even if she didn’t find it that interesting. I never understood it.

One of her favorites was Salman Rushdie. I remember her actually reading some of his books to me. Sometimes I liked the stories but most times I was never able to get through one of his books by myself. After she passed away though I would always get his books, it seemed sad that she would never be able to read his new work. I guess I would read them because she couldn’t and it was a way to connect with her. Most of the time thought I would forget what happened in the book even as I was reading it. Sometimes I’d try reading them again, she told me that was the only way to really appreciate great writers, but I never really could get through them all the way. But there was one book, Fury, that I read over and over, even though it was the most memorable for me.

It’s really so memorable because I completely understand and can relate to the main characters problem controlling his anger. Not only does he not even realized he has a volatile temper but he gets to the point where he has outbursts and doesn’t even realize it. I at least am aware of my temper but yeah I’ve definitely had times that I totally forgot about flipping out on somebody. But like him I have times where I walk around and feel like I’m filled with anger for no apparent reason. I’ve even been in situations where I hoped for a bad confrontation with somebody just so I could have a reason to unleash my anger. I guess it’s a bad quality to have but over the years I’ve learned to control it. Once I realized how entertaining and fun it can be to make other people flip out, instead I became more of a smart ass. I have plenty of times I feel that intense anger, or fury, but I rarely have the uncontrollable outburst.