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There was a period in time during high school where everybody was obsessed with glow-in-the dark stickers. Everybody covered all their books and crap with little glow in the dark letters, stars, animals, random shapes and whatever they could find. It was pretty cool, I remember one girl had a book cover done in all different fish, another had the solar system complete with all the planets, sun, moon and stars. Pretty much anything you could imagine they had, except for what I wanted. I could never find any weapons. So when I found a kit with blank sheets you could make into any shape I was excited as hell. I found pictures of guns, knives, swords and anything else I could think of to trace or draw onto the sheet to make my very own personalized stickers.

It was really cool, everybody liked them. Well everybody meaning all the other students. A couple might thought it was a little scary but that was a plus. But some of my teachers weren’t so happy about it and complained to the principal. Some of them wanted me suspended if I didn’t take them off. Not that I cared, they could of expelled me and I wouldn’t of cared. But the principal felt bad my mother had just passed away, my father had to tell everybody. She talked with me about it and sort of bribed me with help getting a job. I took them off, instead decorating the walls of my room with them. Wonder if the next people living there appreciated them.