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Been staying with Jeff for quite a while now. It’s a little bit of a weird situation. I’ve had people accuse me of taking advantage of him. His parents own the apartment building and pay his utilities. So yeah I live there rent free. In my opinion if I gave him anything he’d be taking advantage of me. Besides technically I don’t really think of it as actually living there. I’m hardly ever there, shit sometimes I don’t even sleep there. I have a very active social life and it keeps me out a lot.

Anyway for the most part it works pretty well. But there is one thing that makes me crazy and might drive me out. Jeff is a complete and utter slob. I’ve always been kind of a neat freak. Even before I was staying with him I’d have to clean up when I came over to hang out. I wont say he’s dirty, though I’ve never seen him clean. But it’s just he literally leaves anything anywhere. It’s starting to drive me crazy, I’ve actually be avoiding being in the apartment lately. I lost it the other day. I had spent almost an entire day cleaning. I even organized all the kitchen cabinets. By the next day, he had clothes all over the place. I mean I found a sock in kitchen. I don’t even understand how that happens.

To top it off my beautifully organized cabinets where a mess. Like he just opened the cabinet, knocked everything over, then closed it. A can of beans almost fell on my head. Needless to say I lost my mind and blew up at him. He told me if I didn’t like it I could always leave. I didn’t bother arguing with him, it felt ridiculous. We were seriously arguing like a couple. It freaked me out and I just ended up going out. Funny thing is he called later apologizing. I didn’t answer so he left a pathetic sounding message, saying he didn’t mean what he said. He was basically groveling and begging me to come back. Not exactly sure what to make of it. I guess the whole situation is a little weird.