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I’m totally over social media and the idiots that have overrun it and let it run their lives. I don’t have a Facebook account, not anymore at least. I will admit for a long time I was totally on the bandwagon. In fact I loved MySpace when it first came out and continued to love it even as everybody seemed to abandon it. I tried holding on for as long as possible but when it began to freeze my computer every time I tried logging in, I had to give it up. I guess the thing was I’ve always been pretty big on meeting people online. Before social media I loved visiting chatrooms and used a variety of IM services. The difference was though everything was always superficial and fun. It was an easy way to have casual conversations about dumb teenage stuff, music, school sucking, parents not understanding, etc. It was also a way to escape the real world and the real world people that were the source of my social aggravation. (Is that a thing? Well sounds good so I’ll stick with it.)

Now it’s just gotten so serious and is so part of everybody’s lives the fun got sucked out of it. When I started getting friend requests from family members it was time to quit. Besides I couldn’t care less about the things people post and a lot of my “friends” weren’t really friends. I don’t want to know them any better. I want to hang out, have a couple of drinks, talk and maybe argue about dumb shit, have some laughs and that’s it. I don’t want to know what their opinion on the president is, or see pictures of their kids or cats. I don’t care about shelter animals that need to be adopted, little kids dying of cancer that need prayers, or the latest petition to ban bestiality in another country (yes that was totally a real thing). I don’t care if somebody is having a shitty day, week or month; unless they are buying me a drink while complaining.

I can’t deny its usefulness, I’ve actually gotten work as a designer through social networking. More so in the early days but I do still have some accounts where I post work. But I repeat it’s not actually fun, it’s in fact all for work. And to be honest as more of the idiots take over, it feels like it’s less and less worth the effort. I’m just glad on Twitter and Instagram I can mostly avoid anybody I know in real life. If they do happen to find me and follow my account it still doesn’t really involve much interaction. As far as Facebook goes though,  I been done with that, no matter how many people look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them.