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In Junior High school I wasn’t exactly well liked. In fact pretty much nobody talked to me. I didn’t mind it suited me just fine. Except that I had a huge crush on one of the most popular guys in school. the fact that he had absolutely no idea who I was didn’t help. Well that is until one day we ran into each other outside of school. Well technically I didn’t so much as run into him but happen to notice him in the same park as I was. It was late at night and me and some friends had parked ourselves in the school yard of a local elementary school late at night. I spotted him in a dark corner. I wondered at first what the hell he would be doing in the school yard by himself, much less hiding in a dark corner. As I watched he was then joined by another guy, a older guy who was kind of skeezy looking. It didn’t take long to figure out why they were there. I left not really wanting to see anymore than I already did.

A couple days later we were both being held near the side entrance of the school for being late. Not really caring what his preference was I decided to blackmail him into being my boyfriend. I told him about seeing him hanging out at the school yard with his older “friend.” He reacted exactly how I expected, asking me not to tell anybody. He was scared of being made fun of, plus he kind of a big deal on some of the school sports teams. He couldn’t imagine what it would do for his reputation with the guys on the team. Of course I told him I’d keep his secret, even give him a cover by pretenting to be his girlfriend. Obviously it shocked most people since they thought I wasn’t worthy of his attention. But ultimately they all end kissing my ass. Funny thing was I actually hated that part. I didn’t care that he was gay. I milked it just to be able to makeout with him and shit. Honestly I think a part of me thought I might be able to even convince him to change his mind. I eventually got tired of dealing with his popular group of friends and ended it. Not too long after, sometime during high school, he came out. I’ve always claimed to have no idea.