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So for pretty much my whole life I haven’t worked a Monday through Friday, 9-5 job. In fact most of my jobs I end up working nights and weekends. Hooray for me and my social life. Actually, it doesn’t really stop me. I’ve had plenty of practice going out, getting wasted and having to drag my ass into work the next day.  I’ve pretty much mastered the art of working hungover, and on rare occasions still drunk.

I don’t even mind and in some cases have preferred to work weekends. But what I can’t deal with are the people that make a big deal every time the weekend rolls around. The worst are the people that actually go around saying “Happy Friday.” They make it seem like it’s this rare occasion or a holiday. I want to scream at the top of my lungs. “Asshole, it’s just another day of the damn week.”

But since that probably wouldn’t go over too well with my bosses I usually just ignore it. Though it was hard to ignore that year I worked in a coffee shop. Almost every customer would always tell me to cheer up Friday morning because the weekend was coming. I’d perk up give, them a big smile. and say, “Well thanks but I work all weekend so that doesn’t mean anything to me.” The best part was that it was usually the same people week after week. But I got my revenge, I usually had Tuesday and Thursday off. So when they’d roll in Monday morning dragging ass, I’d brag about it being my Friday and having the next two days off.