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I really hate summer. It’s too hot, especially in the city with the added humidity. I always feel uncomfortable and I usually have to take at least two showers a day. Even as a kid I hated it, maybe even more at times. I was forced to go to summer camp and despised the whole experience. I refused to participate in any of the sports or outside activities. I barely even liked the pool, it may have been a chance to cool off, but usually they were gross and dirty looking. The only thing I found remotely interesting was arts & crafts, plus it was about the only time we got to sit in an air conditioned room.

But for a couple of years during high school it was actually my favorite time of year. I still hated the heat but I was finally old enough to work but could only get a summer job, working at you guessed it a summer camp. I was miserable at the job, but I had money to burn so it made me happy. Plus I started hanging out with a couple of the girls from the job, Michelle and Carol. They were crazy and fun as hell to hang out with. They’d only go out with older guys so they could get alcohol, they were big drinkers and would try any drug at least once. Carol was a big pill popper, one night we drove around Brooklyn all night with her passed out in the backseat. Michelle’s guy had offered her a handful of pills at the beginning of the night and we figured she ended up taking them all. She woke up just as we were getting ready to leave Coney Island, we ended up there drinking on the beach until the sun came up.

Michelle knew all kinds of crazy guys, who would let us hang out with them. It never occurred to me then to wonder why grown men would want to hang out with teenage girls. Thinking back on how many of them we all hooked up with, I realize we were just easy prey. But hey at the time I didn’t care, and I’m sure if I was them I would have done the same. Shit there was one guy, Matt, that we all pretty much threw ourselves at. Carol and Michelle actually had a fist fight over him, meanwhile I just hooked up with him on the down low. That was the one problem with them, they always had some kind of drama going on. At one point Michelle was seeing this guy, that was literally a crackhead. We tried to tell her she needed to dump him but she was convinced she could save him. Then there was the time Carol wanted to run away and move to Florida. She had met some guy online that lived there, he convinced her he’d take care of all of us if we went to go live with him.

As entertaining as it was most of the time, it was also extremely exhausting. Eventually, we all stopped working at the summer camp. They tried calling me to keep hanging out but I always came up with some excuse and after a while they stopped calling. I admit sometimes I miss them but I just imagine them older still fighting over boys, almost ODing on pills and generally being a mess and realize I’m probably better off without them in my life.