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One of my favorite movies is the 90’s remake Romeo and Juliet. Some people think it’s a little odd for me, though, it’s not for the reasons people would expect. I’m not exactly what you’d call a romantic and the tragic star crossed lovers story never really had any effect on me. While most teenage girls were only interested in seeing Leonardo DeCaprio, I couldn’t have cared less. He’s a good actor but I wasn’t into him for his looks like every other girl I knew. I always thought he was a little too pretty. And ugh Claire Danes, her face just literally annoys me. I cheered a little inside when she finally died.

Luckily the rest of the casting was great. John Leguizamo was phenomenal in the role of Tybalt. I don’t remember him doing any serious roles before this and I was surprised at how great of a villain he played. Even more surprising was how damn hot he looked. Seriously, before this movie I always thought of him as goofy and funny looking. I started looking at him in a whole new way after this. My other favorite person in the movie was Mercutio, Harold Perrineau. While he’s been in tons of different movies and TV shows, he will always be Mercutio to me. Literally, anytime I see him all I see is his final scene on the beach. “A curse upon both you’re houses.” In fact all of Romeo’s crew was fun to watch.

What I liked most about the movie was the look of it. I guess that would be the cinematography. I thought their choice of setting made a beautiful background and some of the wide shots of it were beautiful. There was just something about the way shots were framed and how each scene was set up. Also particular effects really helped tell the story. For example the party scene before Romeo sees Juliet, the way everything passes quickly across the screen, simulating his experience of the party while high on drugs. But really the sets, the costumes, everything about the movie is visually stimulating.  It really pulls you in to the story. Lastly, the soundtrack was awesome.