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We’ve all known somebody that was so irritating just the thought of them brought on violent fantasies. Alright maybe more than one somebody, but you know the type of person. Just the sight of their face brings up images of it getting smashed in. Well in high school, there was one predominant one, Richie Brito. He was big, dumb and ugly, but managed to get by through fear and violence. He’d act like everybody was his friend making bad jokes at their expense, intimidating them into doing his work or letting him cheat. For fear of his temper everybody simply put up with him, even a few teachers passed him just to get him out of their class.

Somehow this walking pile of shit managed to have a girlfriend, Chanice. She was an okay girl and at first seemed enough distraction to make his presence tolerable. But it wasn’t long before she just became one more target of his anger. He was jealous and controlling. She couldn’t talk to other guys, when she did he would call her a slut. At lunch he’d make jokes about how dumb she was, meanwhile she did his homework. I imagined walking up behind him as he threw his head back laughing and slicing his throat. But I didn’t bother doing or saying anything. He wasn’t worth the trouble, I’d already had it out with him the past. When he finally realized he couldn’t scare me he just ignored me and I did the same.

I wanted so bad to tell him to shut the fuck up, leave her alone. I wanted to smack her and ask what the fuck she was thinking. This guy was shit, he was a shit to her, why put up with it? But if a girl’s dumb enough to stick around it’s not my problem. Then one day I was on the fourth floor walking towards the stairwell. I heard yelling coming from a couple flights down. I realized it was him. “You dirty slut, get back here.” He kept yelling as he ran up the stairs. I got to the top of the stairs and stood there listening, until Chanice turned up and ran up towards me. She was looking back and ran right into me. I caught her, hitting my back on the wall behind me. I grabbed her arms, before she ripped free of me and ran into the hall I saw a look of pure terror on her face.

“Get the fuck out of my way bitch.” I looked down, he had stopped at the landing. Then he ran up the stairs taking them two or three at a time. His face was twisted in anger. Without any thought I stepped forward and kicked him in the chest. His face quickly contorted from rage to surprise then worry as he teetered back on the last step. He waved his arms, looking for something to grab on to. Standing dead center the banister on each side was just out of reach. He leaned forward but his feet already left the step, he rolled backwards down the stairs.

“Holy Shit!” I turned and a senior, Javier I think his name was, was standing in the doorway to the stair well. “What’d you do?”

I shook my head, thinking, hoping this was one of my fantasies. He’d hit the landing with a large thud, then didn’t move. I thought, he’s dead. For a split second I was glad, then worry set in. “Oh fuck, no way. Is…he?”

Javier started to walk down the stairs, he paused. “Looks like he’s breathing.” He was about to take another step down and Richie let out a low groan. “You better get out of her. I’ll get him some help.”

“But.” I started to back away. “You think he’s really hurt?”

“Don’t worry. I didn’t see nothing, you weren’t here. He fell on his own.” He turned to face the next landing and told somebody to get a teacher. “Just go.”

I turned and ran to the stairs on the other end of the hall. I slowed down descending the stairs thinking about Richie rolling down those steps. I tried to recreate it in my head, imagining exactly where his body had made impact with the stairs. I wanted to know how badly he was hurt? Maybe a broken bone or a concussion, he had to have hit his head. I hadn’t seen any blood, so it wasn’t cracked open. I laughed, “Too bad.”

He was taken out of school that day in an ambulance and didn’t come back for a week or so. They told the rest of the students it was just an accident. I assume he was too macho to tell them what really happened. If anybody asked he wouldn’t talk about it and it was pretty much forgotten about. While I was relieved he wasn’t dead, it might of been a bit more satisfying if he’d been hurt worse. I do have to say though the thought of possibly taking his life was exciting in a number of different ways.