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For some reason, there are people that believe that being drunk will make you more likely to tell the truth. I guess through some faulty logic it makes sense. But this conclusion is based on the idea that your unfiltered thoughts are in fact based on the truth. The thing is when you’re drunk you’re much more likely to say anything that pops into your mind. In some situations, for some people that could be a hidden truth; crushes, long kept secrets, prejudices, negative and judgemental opinions, etc.  However, how many times have you met the drunk guy that decides he loves everybody or wants to fight everybody including the coat in the corner that keeps eyeing him. How can you trust an impaired mind to even know what the truth is.

See me, I have a tendency to get drunk and come up with outrageous stories. Granted I’ve always had the habit of giving out a fake name. But it’s turned into so much more. I have more than one that I use depending on my mood and each has their own backstory, well maybe more than one. It’s not easy to stay consistent making them up drunk. But even when I’m out with people I know I can’t help blurting out the first random bullshit that come to mind. It’s actually quite entertaining to see people’s reactions.

It kind of amazes me the shit people will believe, I’ve even caught a couple of people that know me. It took Teresa a while but she eventually caught on, although I did have her convinced I was committed to a mental institution for a while.  And Jeff still suspects that in high school I hooked up with our English teacher.