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I’ve had more than a few people in my life tell me I’m a cold unfeeling bitch. I’ll admit to the bitch part but I do have feelings. And it may be a surprise to some but I can even have my feelings hurt. But instead of being all emotional I channel the hurt into something productive.

Like this one time in middle school. There was this kid, Nick, I thought might be a pretty good friend. He sat near me in almost every class and talked to me all the time. I guess he was sort of popular and good looking. (Not that I cared.) So some other girls including the class bully were jealous and started making jokes about me. At first he just stopped sitting by me, then eventually he completely ignored me.

Since we had, at least I though, been such good friends I knew the combination to his locker. One day when nobody was around I emptied it out into the trash. At first, finding the locker empty, he laughed and said, “Okay, real funny. Who took my stuff?”

When nobody responded, he started getting upset almost whining, “Okay, ha ha, jokes over. Where the hell is my stuff?” Still nobody answered. I pointed toward the garbage and said “Hey, that looks just like you jacket.” Then laughed. He walked over to the garbage and I could see his face turn red, then he flipped out. Started yelling, saying he was going to kick somebodies ass, all while pulling is stuff out of the trash. As he did the girls he tried to impress by ignoring me walked up to see him pulling his stuff out of the trash and started calling him “Trashboy.” After that, he wasn’t so popular. He became their favorite target and nobody would associate with him out of fear they’d be treated the same way.