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One more thing to add to the list of reasons I’m likely considered a horrible person. I’ve been ghosting people since before it was even really a thing. Well before I ever heard the term used and became a trending topic. I’ve pretty much ghosted anybody, family, friends and guys I was “dating.” I just get really tired of people easily and in all honesty don’t feel like I owe anybody an explanation. I’m not a big talker and if you’re being ignored you should be able to get the picture.

Some of my worst cases of ghosting has been when I just picked up and moved. One of the first times was when I went away for college. I told nobody I was going away. After graduation, I hung out the whole summer and never mentioned it. Even in the days I was packing before I left I still continued partying and laughed inside when people discussed plans for the next week when I’d be gone. Then the day before I left my phone got shut off and I cut off all contact. When I came back I found new hangouts and started over. I did run into a few people I’d previously hung out with, they mentioned my sudden disappearance but none seemed to take it personally.

Then there was the time I ghosted a guy in the middle of a party we’d gone to together. He’d invited me to a friends house party. Halfway through the night I started getting bored. I told him I’d be right back. I started just wandering around, eventually finding a guy I found much more interesting and left with him. I had tons of texts from him asking what the hell happened to me. I answered just to get him to stop with some story about having to leave, family emergency I think. He gave up after texting a couple more times and never getting an answer.