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While walking through the train station the other day a young girl was walking in front of me with a suitcase. I was annoyed because I couldn’t get around her. She dragged it slowly, struggling as if it weighted hundreds of pounds. The suddenly she stopped. I missed falling into her by about an inch. Regaining my balance I looked at her and she was staring at her phone. That was it, I lost control of myself. I managed to squeeze around her suitcase and all the other people coming and going around us. As I pushed my way past her I hissed. “How about you stop looking at your phone for two seconds and watch where you’re going.”

Looking up from her phone with tears in her eyes she responded, “I was just looking at a picture of my mother who died yesterday. I’m going…”

She had begun sobbing and tried to continue talking between choked breaths. I cut her off and said, “That’s very sad but if you don’t want to join her, stay the fuck out of my way.” Then I stomped off. Mean? Well yeah, duh. But really she was still an idiot and needed to know it.